Massage Therapy Services  

Swedish/Relaxation Massage  
Provides increased circulation to all of the body's systems, induces calming of the nervous system,
and facilitates the release of chronic or acute muscular spasms.
1/2 hour $50     45 mins. $65      1 hour $80   11/4 hour $100     11/2 hour  $110

Deep Tissue Massage/ Trigger Point Therapy
Involves deep or repetitive work aimed at reducing scar tissue, alleviating trigger points which form as
a result of chronically tight, or over-used muscles.
1/2 hour $60     45 mins.  $75     1 hour $90     1 1/4 hour $105     1 1/2 hour $120

Pregnancy Massage
Is designed to allow total relaxation during an emotionally and physically challenging time.  It
facilitates relief from back and neck pain, foot and leg fatigue, insomnia, headaches, sinus pressure
and low energy.  It is very beneficial for the baby as well.  
1/2 hour  $50     1 hour $80

Manipulating the foot stimulates energy flow throughout the body.  By massaging points that
"reflect" different internal organs, muscles and joints, the therapist encourages your body's natural
healing ability.
1/2 hour  $55       1 hour  $85

Hot Stone Massage
Smooth, volcanic stones are heated in water and massaged into the muscles accompanied by
Swedish massage.   This treatment is helpful in the treatment of chronically tight muscles as well as
being very deep heating and  extremely relaxing.
*Please note this treatment  is restricted to cooler months of the year and is not for everyone.  If you
are pregnant, menopausal, have certain auto-immune conditions, skin conditions which are aggravated
by heat, or  uncontrolled high blood pressure you should consider alternative treatments.
1 hour $105       1 1/4 hour $120 (minimum recommended)       1 1/2 hour  $135

Reiki Healing
An ancient form of hands on healing which dates back 4,000 years.  Reiki promotes a deep state of
relaxation and encourages the restoration of the energy flow within the body to a state of balance
and harmony.
1/2 hour $50     1 hour$80

Using a gentle technique, fine disposable needles are inserted into the body at specific points
shown to be  effective in the treatment of specific health problems.  
Acupuncture is provided by Elizabeth Casey, LAc.  Please contact her directly at (631) 218-2652
to make an appointment or ask questions.
Initial visit (approx. 1 1/2 hours)  $105       Return visit (approx. 1 hour)  $80